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Speaking Engagements & Themed Presentations

Finding Inspiration in Safety Through Every Turn

One of my favorite things to do is to tell a good story. Thank goodness my world has been filled with one story after the other and that I chose a profession that will help your story to play out in a safer way through education, facts, details... and STORIES!

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United States and Internationally

Everyone has a story, and the crowd wants to hear yours. Your space is a great opportunity to give your attendees the opportunity to listen and learn all about the topic you want to relay. 


Explaining your core values in a workshop presentation is the way to show your audience that you care. To learn is to know... to know is to grow.

For Example:


In business, employers demonstrate commitment to their staff by showing them how they can stand out from the crowd and do their chosen position in an extraordinary way.


In nonprofit and many other networking organizations, board members and leaders look for ways

to give their members and those they serve; direction, inspiration and motivation.


When given the opportunity to speak, my stories, words and emotions come to life. I've travelled near and far, through hurricanes and frozen tundra's. There's a light in me that shines when speaking to a room filled with invited listeners. I've spoken to a group of six in a small office space to a conference center filled with almost two thousand. I will engage your crowd from the very first word to my exit with inspiring and motivating ideas that will help them think outside of the box. Reach out for more information. 

Speaking Engagements and Themed Presentations


Nancy Matthews
Women's Prosperity Network

Linda has been a frequent guest and presenter for Women's Prosperity Network. What comes through with every presentation is her desire to make a difference and provide specific and tangible results for the audience and our organization. If you have the chance to bring Linda to your event say, "Yes, Yes, Yes!"

-Christina Loggia
Small Business Development Center

We were so impressed by Linda's knowledge of networking and her warm and effective presentation style that after having her speak at one of our events, we invited her to share her expertise with our mentors throughout the State. And ... her next presentation for us is already on the books!

- Barbara G.

 Linda spoke about planning for events and circumstances in our lives before they happen. She opened with a story about her life as a child and the fear she had one winter in sleigh riding down a giant snow filled hill. Linda went on to talk about how to face our fears with focus and determination and how to tackle the impossible. It led into how we can plan for the unexpected by setting plans and details in place beforehand and gave us great examples on how to do this.

Linda was engaging, insightful. Fantastic! 

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