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Squirrels Gathering Nuts




Wow, that one just missed my windshield! It almost made me instinctively duck as another acorn bounces off my car driving down the road.

Then I see it. It’s almost laughing at me. A big fat, fluffy tailed squirrel with an acorn in its mouth runs down the tree and runs across the road behind me.

Chattering loudly at me, “Can’t you see I’m busy? I’ve got so much to do. Winter is coming and I must be prepared.”

I laugh to myself.

I know exactly what that squirrel is talking about. (Talking squirrels now I know I’m losing my mind.)

Have you noticed?

Have you felt the burst of energy and urgency in your own life?

The squirrels have been very busy and so have I.

It was a beautiful summer, and I took time to play and enjoy myself.

Maybe I slacked off a bit as my to-do list got longer and longer.

Actually, there was no maybe about it. I did take a breather.

But now it’s time to get back in gear and get things done.

It seems that every year, at this time, I find myself as busy and productive as that nut gathering squirrel.

The cooler weather allows me to open the windows and allow the air to circulate in my home instead of being holed up in the closed air conditioning.

As I allow the house to breath, I find myself breathing in the freshness of the crisp fall mornings and evenings.

I sleep better able to enjoy the feel the soft comforter around me without throwing it off in the middle of the night.

The days are getting shorter. Darkness comes earlier and earlier each day. Soon we will get that hour back we lost in the spring and then it will be dark even earlier.

I feel the urgency of getting things done stir inside me.

I am getting things done.

Every day, I find myself checking off things on my to-do list that I have allowed to stay there much longer than they should have.

I’ve been talking about the need for a garage sale for much too long.

Dare I say years.

I have been piling things in my garage as I have cleared the clutter from my basement, closets, and office spaces for a garage sale.

The garage had become so packed with stuff that I had only a footpath the width of my foot to get from one end of the garage to the other.

It was packed to the ceiling from the front to the back.

A friend reminded me that I would never have that garage sale unless I set a date for it to happen.

I set a date for September 24th and 25th.

Then something amazing happened.

I knew I had to go through everything in the garage and sort out the garbage from the stuff to be sold.

It was a four-day process.

It was exhausting.

Every part of my body hurt.

I swear I was broken, but some Advil took the pain away.

But, oh it was so worth it.

I feel so accomplished.

I discovered that there were some things best sold on Facebook Marketplace.

I found the things that would be best donated.

I figured out how, when, and where to advertise.

I found friends that were willing to help me set up and be there on the days of the sale.

Most important of all, I found a junk removal company that would recycle, donate usable items, and remove everything after the garage sale was over.

I made a promise that once I put things out for sale they were NOT coming back into the house.

What an amazing feeling.

Decluttering is such a fulfilling experience. I have lived in the same house for 42 years and I have only scratched the surface in the decluttering process. I find that taking it one step at a time, I can do it.

Now I am focused on decluttering my workspace with both physical decluttering and task decluttering. I have checked so many things off my to-do list I have started to add new things to the list.

When the list gets too long, it is frustrating.

I learned a long time ago, that when you have a “Honey Do” list for your spouse it’s best to keep it to no more than five items. More than five nothing gets done. It’s like they go on strike. You are asking them to do too many things, and can’t you see they need time to watch football?

You can only add to the list as things are completed.

The same thing applies with your own to-do list.

If you create a list of five things, you want to accomplish today you can get them done.

Start with the most urgent items.

· What is the due date?

· Is the person you want to connect with only available at a certain time?

· How much time will the task take?

I try to have a mix of things on my list. A combination of both long- and short-term items. Some that may be completed quickly and some that will be completed over time.

The long-term projects can be broken into manageable pieces. By creating an outline of the tasks involved you can plan backwards from your due date, even it is self-imposed. You can create a flow chart of what needs to be done in what order to complete the task in the allotted time.

Always remember that everything takes twice a long as you think it will.

· There will be interruptions, the dog wants to go out, your child wants to play.

· There will be distractions, you look up something on the internet and get taken down the rabbit hole.

· You need a break; your stomach is growling and its two hours past lunchtime.

· You can’t connect to the person you need when you need them, text, email, and phone not responding.

· You are waiting for an answer to move forward.

· You are stuck on hold in an automated answering que.

· An emergency takes priority, the basement floods, a friend needs you, you or a family member needs medical attention.

· Technology breaks down at the most inopportune moment.

Factoring all that in you can still check off five items on your to-do list.

Are you ready to make an impact on your life and business this fall?

· What is it you want to accomplish?

· What are your goals?

· What is your plan?

· Are you prepared?

· Have you created a realistic to-do list?

· Do you have the tools you need to do each task?

It is the season to stop procrastinating and start taking action and do it.

Become the implementor of your ideas.

Take inspired action and make things happen.

Turn your dreams into reality.

Winter is coming and with it a whole new year.

What you do now will set you up for greater success in that new year.

Are you ready to get down, get dirty, and be your most productive self?

You may think I’m NUTS.

I know you can do it.

It’s time to be that busy squirrel…

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