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Season Of Gratitude

Life is good!

I love to travel.

Air travel used to be fun and exciting.

For many traveling during the past two and a half years has been difficult at best and for some nearly impossible to do.

Despite all the restrictions and hoops that that have been put in the way of travel I have managed to do a fair amount.

Even in 2020, after the world shut down, I traveled to Atlanta, New York City, and even Acapulco Mexico. In 2021 I went to California twice and completed a much-delayed trip to Costa Rica.

This year I went to Philadelphia, San Diego, and then on to Acapulco Mexico once again.

Traveling in these times requires a bit more patience, especially in the airport and on airplanes.

The numerous cancelled and delayed flights have been frustrating to many, caused missed events and cruise sailings and tour departures. Lost luggage issues have been on the rise as there has been a shortage of personal throughout the industry.

Even my recent trip to San Diego had its own tale of adventure. We had a short delay getting out of New York as the was a flight attendant that was a last minute no show due to an emergency at home. That delay was not significant and would not have delayed our arrival.

About an hour into the flight, midway through the drink service, there was an announcement, “We have a medical emergency! Is there a doctor in the house?”

A flight attendant passed out cold in the isle while serving coffee. Her eyes were wide open as she crashed to the floor of the plane hard, spilling coffee on the passengers as she went down.

Not 30 minutes later there was a second announcement, “We have a medical emergency! Is there a doctor on the plane?”

Now I was confused.

What now?

Was it the same emergency or a new one?

Turns out a second flight attendant fell and tore up her knee and could not stand or walk.

From that point on there was no drink or snack service on the plane. It was scheduled to be a five and a half-hour flight. We could all survive the remainder of the flight.

As we approached our destination the pilot announces that there is heavy fog in San Diego, and we have been placed in a holding pattern as visibility on the ground is extremely poor and unsafe for landing.

Round and round we go for an hour.

Next announcement, “This is your captain speaking. I am sorry to tell you that we have been rerouted to Las Vegas for fuel. This should take an hour on the ground. Prepare for landing in Las Vegas.

We landed in Las Vegas after flying past the landmarks on the Las Vegas Strip.

Next announcement, “This is your captain speaking. Please remain seated and keep the isles clear so medical personal can safely evacuate our two injured flight attendants. We will not be deplaning passengers. Please remain in your seats so that we can get back in the air as quickly as possible following refueling.

The flight attendants were taken off in medical stretchers.

I made a mad dash to the restroom as at this point it had been seven hours since I had gone. Safely back in my seat before the next announcement.

“This is your captain speaking. Six passengers have requested to get off here in Las Vegas.” They were standing at the front door, of the plane, with their carry-ons in their hands making a lot of noise with the crew.

“If I let these six people off the plane, everyone will have to get off the plane with their belongings and it will cause an even greater delay of the flight.”

There was an audible groan from everyone. We all glared at the passengers in the front making a scene to get off.

Thankfully they returned to their seats, stowed their carry-ons, and sat down having been publicly shamed.

Two replacement flight attendants arrived, and we were once again on our way to San Diego.

We touched down in San Diego three hours later than scheduled. Of course, then we had to wait for a gate to open another 20 minutes delay and the bags took forever to arrive at the carousel.

Chatting with my fellow travelers we were more concerned for the recovery and health status of our downed flight attendants than our minor inconvenience of the flight being much longer than expected.

We were all grateful to get to our destination safely and looked forward to where we could get something to eat and drink as we were parched and starving.

We were grateful for how the captain kept us informed on what was happening and what we needed to do.

I am most grateful that those that thought getting off in Las Vegas would be a good idea, decided to sit down instead of inconvenience everyone on the plane further.

I am grateful to Jet Blue for their prompt apology for the unforeseen issues we experienced and their generous credit for future travel with them, without having to ask for it.

I was grateful that I had planned to arrive at my destination before any of the scheduled events and I did not miss anything due to delays.

I was grateful that I was able to travel to beautiful San Diego and enjoy the retreat I attended and the beautiful weather there.

From San Diego I traveled to Acapulco for three weeks of seminars with my business coach and mentor.

As I sit here writing this story for Positive Tribe this month from Acapulco Mexico. I have just spent three weeks working and playing at one of the most beautiful places I have had the pleasure to travel to.

In a private villa tucked into the hills high above Acapulco Bay I am truly blessed to be here learning from two of the best, with my fellow attendees.

Every day I express my gratitude in my morning meditation.

I have so much to be grateful for.

· I am grateful to be here in beautiful Acapulco.

· I am grateful that I am feeling good and that my latest cancer scan showed that everything was stable, and I should keep doing what I am doing.

· I am grateful for the amazing place I am at physically, mentally, creatively, and spiritually.

· I am grateful to be surrounded by amazing positive people.

· I am grateful for the gorgeous sunsets.

· I am grateful for the amazing peace I feel knowing that this and every day is perfectly unfolding before me just the way it’s supposed to.

What are you grateful in this season of gratitude?

Every November we take time for my favorite national holiday, Thanksgiving.

As you gather around the table with friends and family this Thanksgiving take a few moments to think about the things you are grateful for in your life.

What is the thing you are most grateful for?

Go around the table and share your gratitude with each other. Encourage the children to participate too.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion.

Anytime you gather with family, friends, or colleagues is the perfect time to express gratitude.

Gratitude and expressing gratitude to each other for both big and little things is important to finding the joy and peace we are all seeking in our lives.

What if expressing gratitude became a daily habit; for you, your family, your community, your country, and the world?

What if everyone in the world expressed gratitude on this day of Thanksgiving.

Imagine the positive energy we would all send out into the universe.

Imagine the collective sigh around the world as we release the negativity, hate, and angst all around us and replace it with love, positivity, and gratitude.

That is a world I choose to live in.

That is a world that can go a long way to healing the things that divide us.

That is a world that will finally find the peace we all so desperately seek.

It can all start with three simple words.

I’m Grateful for…

I ask you again,

What are you grateful for?

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