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Being The Eye Of The Storm

Being the eye of the storm.

Of course if you are like me, your thoughts go immediately to a hurricane.

We all have heard about the eye of the storm where the winds cease, the clouds dissipate, and even birds can be seen flying across the blue sky. I have been though hurricanes where the eye has passed overhead. I have stood in the eerie silence of the eye of the storm.

While his years hurricane season has been exceptionally busy, 2020 has brought with it many storms that were not hurricanes.

We have faced unprecedented challenges in 2020. Each one it’s own storm affecting each of us in different ways.

In fact, many of us have had to face the storms of 2020 alone, isolated and afraid.

I would like to invite you, my gentle readers, to look at these storms from a new perspective.

Be the eye of the storm.

Become the calm center while chaos swirls all around you.

Take time every day to go to a place of peace, healing, imagination, and love.

Visualize the what if’s and possibilities the storm brings.

Instead of lamenting about what was or what happened focus your energy on what could be.

When something blows away in the storm it offers a great opportunity to build anew?

What are you going to build?

You are only limited by your imagination.

When the world shut-down in March, I shut down too. I was swept up in the chaos and fear being blasted at me from everywhere. As a widow, I was alone with only my loyal Golden Retriever Bristol to keep me company. I was not in a good place for nearly 6 weeks.

The two months preceding the shut down had been a whirlwind of amazing experiences as I flew around the country to appear on TV, traveled to India as a guest speaker, and attended conferences that invited me to envision just how amazing 2020 would be.

That all came to a halt on March 17th.

Now what was I to do. After a particularly difficult night, crying my eyes out allowing myself to feel the loneliness and dispair that so many others were also feeling as we were swept into the storm,

I had a defining moment.

It was in the moment I made a choice. A choice to step out of the storm and into the eye of it. It was then that I made peace with my circumstaces. I decided to control what I could control and let go of what I could not. I set my intention that the storm would not define nor defeat me.

In the calm of the eye I had clarity and vision for what I could do instead of what I could not.

I changed my path for health and started an exercise and eating plan that has allowed me to release 36lbs to date and feel more energetic than I had in years.

I changed my path for my business with time to learn new things, and how to use tools I had not had the time to use before. I added new certifications, in Life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Linguistic Programing, that complement my business offerings.

I changed my inclination to procrastination and turned it into motivation, finishing projects on my to-do list that had been lingering there because I had been so busy being busy.

I changed my connection with myself taking time to enjoy the simple plesures of life. I found myself cooking again, savoring every bite, meditating, journeling and most of all opening myself to receiving all the abundance the universe has to offer me.

In being open to receiveing I unlocked a pathway in the universe that has poured an unending waterfall of creativity, productivity, inspiration and determination into me.

This has brought me to a new and timely opportunity to serve others.

It can bring your there too.

If it had not been for the storm I would never have seen or found myself in the eye of the storm.

In the eye of the storm you can see what was being torn apart by the wind and the waves. You can see the things that were strong enough to endure the onslaught.

You can see the things that were too weak to stand.

It is the perfect time to let go of the things that are not serving you at the highest level. Some of those things may be comfortable old friends. Things that you have always done a certain way that may need a new approach, upgrade, or to be discarded.

Remember, you are the eye of your own storm. The storm is not stationary and you should not be stationary either. You can move with grace, staying in the eye as it moves across the land. Those not willing to move with the eye will be swept up in the storms path as it passes through.

Stay focused on moving ever forward.

Stay focused on being the island of calm when the world is in a panic around you.

Seek new solutions, new ways of doing things, and imagining how you can serve others at your highest level.

Imagine things that you have never imagined before.

Dare to dream BIG!

Then, dare to dream even BIGGER!

Pull out ideas from your squirrel file. Things that you had previously though were distractions to your mission. See if these ideas fit the new landscape the storm is leaving in it’s path. If they do, don’t hesitate. Do it now!

Being in the eye of the storm your vision is clear. Your mission will evolve. You’re life will be suspended in time if only for a moment allowing you to see a new path.

This new path will be visible only of you become the eye of the storm.

Are you ready to step into it?

Are you ready to step out of the chaos swirling in the powerful winds that are the storm into the eye?

Are you ready to truly become the eye of the storm?

I know it’s a little scary out there.

If you need to, take my hand and I will pull you in to the safety of the eye.

Although, I really don’t think you need my help.

My faith in you and the power within you gives me the confidence to know that you are: Ready, Willing, and Able

To be the Eye of the Storm.

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