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Disasters are all around us. Turn on the news and Mother Nature is on a rampage. Personal disasters put our lives on hold or derail us completely. I invite you to become a part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Join me as I focus on one new topic each week. Don’t miss the special segments on: “In the news”, “Caregiving Challenges”, “Extreme Prepping” and “Home Sweet Home”.

Get off the Worry-go-Round with practical information you can use today to protect yourself and those you love tomorrow. Listen in as I help prepare you for both personal and natural disasters. I'll guide you to facilitate recovery, avoid family conflicts, and control chaos. Listen in to a few of the shows listed below or click on the button that will take you directly to all of our shows to date.


Welcome to the Linda Fostek Show

This week Linda talks with Laura LaFauchi on "Alzheimer's Month - Making the most of those percious moments"

This week Linda talks with Laura LaFauci on "Alzheimer's Month - making the most of moments"

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