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Welcome to the - 

The Crisis Planner

protecting your family from the unexpected is not an option - It's Imperative!



It's time to get off the worry-go-round

by preparing and implementing the steps to survive and thrive when faced with life's personal and natural disasters.

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Who is the CRISIS PLANNER?... In Walks Linda Fostek!

It's Time to Get Off the Worry-Go-Round

Create peace of mind for your life and business. It's been a lifetime mission of Linda's to help you get your life and house in order with her creatively designed products and guides that will give you and your family the gift of a safe and secure home.

Linda's taken the first step to help with this, the second step is in your hands, simply make the decision to pre-plan... just in case.

Purchase the home system for your family today.

Following a Footprint in History

Linda was born with the spirit, motivation and drive that her Dad passed down to her. He was a leader in so many ways. The origin behind the Home System was derived by her father.


His mission was to help every homeowner have a clear and directed path towards safe living. He gave this gift to his daughter who now continues on with his legacy by serving families worldwide. 

Advocating for Families Because..."Life Happens!"

The Crisis Planner Home System allows you to face inevitable and adverse life events without worry, fear or conflict.

You can minimize the impact of these life events!  Avoid conflicts, accelerate recovery and control the chaos. Your quality of life will truly improve so you can live fully with the peace of mind and the backup plan that you deserve.  


Every home should be equipped the "Home System!"

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Isn't it Time to Get Off the WORRY-Go-Round?

Your Grab-and-Go Planning System includes the following:

  • Waterproof "ICE" Box

  • 5 Planning Books for Home & Life

  • 8 File Pockets for Documents

  • The Password Passport

  • 8G Flash Drive

  • Water Leak Detectors

  • Circuit Breaker Labels

  • Tags for Water & Gas Shut-offs

  • Webcam Cover

  • 10 Key Tags

  • 6" Ruler

  • Emergency Flashlight

  • Auto Escape Tool

  • Order your Crisis Planner Home System today 


"Who is the Crisis Planner Home System For?"

Where to begin!


The Crisis Planner Home System has helped so many people along the way. My customers have been Individuals, families, gift givers, realtors, friends, attorneys, mortgage brokers and so many more. Honestly, the list of people who gifted the Home System is endless.

The Home System is not an ordinary gift. It's a unique and rare gift that gives a family peace of mind and a feeling of safety. To know that everything important is in one place, secure and yet accessible, offers comfort and protection. There is no better way to show your love, care, support or thanks. 

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Mary Molloy
President - TRB Consulting Group Inc.

"When I first heard about what Linda Fostek was about to create I said "WOW, this is something everyone needs. Too often we are blindsided by unexpected life events. I know I was when I became a young widow. Things would have been much easier if I had been completely prepared. Now I will be prepared for anything with The Crisis Planner HOME System."

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Julie Watterson

"Sadly, I lost both of my parents within 30 days of each other. It was unexpected and devastating to the entire family and we were all quite lost as to what to do. They had not prepared us by writing down all of the important information as to what they wanted us to do, leaving us to make all the decisions while in a state of shock. It is not enough to get the "ICE" planner, you have to actually fill it out and tell your family what you want, before it's too late."

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David Nassaney

"Caring for a loved one when they become disabled can be a joy or a burden. I have joyfully cared for my wife these past 22 years. Together we have weathered many storms and I am happy to say we live a full and complete life. This would not be possible without careful planning. Having a plan allows me to be the caring caregiver I want to be. The Crisis Planner HOME System Planning Workbook provides the framework everyone needs to prepare for the unexpected. Thank you Linda, for sharing this planning wisdom with the world.

“Tomorrow’s unknown crisis is not something to avoid in fear. It requires our attention and deliberation. We just need to have the courage to face the truth of our future’s uncertainty. We just need to be prepared.” ― Christopher Manske



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